Five productivity apps that will change your writing life


Time is very precious and if you’re a writer, you know first hand how difficult it is to tackle all your writing life’s to-do list including all that personal stuff you can’t forget like cooking dinner, spending time with the family, going to work, etc.

In leu of trying to organize and maximize my own time, I constantly scour the apple App Store, hunting down new apps that promise to make my life easier. And, I’ve found some that I totally love and use often.

Below are my favorites…

1. Twuffer: I’ve mentioned this internet based app in a previous post but, it’s still holding on strong as one of my favorite apps. I use it frequently and have yet to encounter an issue with it.

2. Writers lists: I don’t know about other authors but, I have a difficult time coming up with character descriptions, names, etc. this handy app has every possible list I need when creating a character.

3. Iscrumboard: I love post it notes but, hate seeing its clutter on my walls so, I use this app to help organize thoughts and smaller jobs I need to tackle as a writer.

4. Logmein: at first I thought this app was like Dropbox but, it’s not. After you download the app to your ipad or ipod, you then download the app to your computer. It’s a remote access application where you can access any computer where you’ve downloaded the program and guess what…you can access your files! It’s good for when I forgot to Dropbox a file.

5. Errands to-do list: I literally just downloaded this app from the apple App Store. I was looking for a to do list app and came across this easy to use app.

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